€49,920.32 -1.24%
€3,980.60 -5.15%
Binance Coin
€540.83 -3.34%
€0.88 -0.03%
€197.51 +4.82%
€1.36 -2.86%
€0.85 -4.00%
USD Coin
€0.88 -0.32%
€31.65 -6.22%
€0.18 -5.13%
€104.71 -4.59%
€55.60 +10.22%
Shiba Inu
€0.00 -10.29% Coin
€0.63 +1.86%
Wrapped Bitcoin
€50,267.49 -0.93%
€1.83 +11.16%
€180.09 -3.59%
Binance USD
€0.88 -0.28%
€1.67 +1.66%
€21.79 -4.92%
Bitcoin Cash
€499.68 -1.86%
€18.47 -5.10%
€0.88 -0.31%
Axie Infinity
€118.61 -3.86%
€0.29 -6.37%

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Take Charge of Your Financial Portfolio with BitQH.

Welcome to the BitQH official website. We’re glad you decided to join our community of profitable investors. We have made some of their reviews and testimonials available on this site for you. You don’t have to take our word for it, consider their experiences.

BitQH Reviews

Carlos M.
Joined on: 18/07/2021

Just a breeze to use

"Trading has always tired me out, it's very stressful, but when I used BitQH, all changed. Main advantage is that I am not afraid of overwhelm with a large amount of calculations, because it will be done for me."
Alfred A.
Joined on: 25/07/2021

Up and up

"Once again BitQH is a great service that makes it possible to do all the work for you and just track the positive trends. "
Clint B.
Joined on: 26/07/2021


"Few of the best things about BitQH > The function of suspending operation at high market volatility, allows the bot to adequately respond to the current price and execute orders in accordance with risk level. In addition, the bot itself takes into account the commissions so I'm never left short. Top stuff"
Jaroslav P.
Joined on: 16/07/2021

Thx BitQH

"Trading is a great opportunity to earn money. And with BitQH, it became even easier to earn money. Thx"

As seen on

What is BitQH?

BitQH is a formidable trading system that has been developed using a superior algorithm. This trading system has been designed to help new and experienced traders succeed in the volatile cryptocurrency market. BitQH is considered to be a trading system like no other. To give you an idea, we’ve listed some of our trader’s reviews and testimonials on this website. Our trading system has some very significant features, which includes a demo trading account. This feature allows traders to gain experience while familiarizing themselves with the platform. It is absolutely free and ideal for new users entering the cryptocurrency market.

Is BitQH Legit?

With so many people losing money around the world, we understand that you may be sceptical. However, we can assure you that BitQH is legit. We use regulated and licensed brokers to assist us in managing your account with integrity and making sure there are no irregularities. There are three other added security measures we have added to BitQH:

  • We are secured by a third party. We can gladly show you how our connection is secured. Our site is secured by an SSL certificate. This means that all your personal information is protected by encryption.
  • We have a fully-fledged customer support team. Our customer support team is waiting to assist you with any queries you may have. You can reach them via email, telephonically or live chat.
  • Check our reviews. You really don’t have to take our word for it. You can read some of the reviews on this website and see what other traders have experienced. This will help you make your decision.

How to Begin with BitQH

BitQH has a very straightforward registration process. We’re pretty sure that you will find it to be seamless. We decided to create a step-by-step guide for users who are still anxious about the trading system.

Step 1: Registration

Registration is quick and easy. All you need to do is make sure you have your basic information at hand. Including your email address and cellphone number. It is important that you enter this information accurately for verification to be successful.

Step 2: Deposit

BitQH requires a minimum deposit of €250. This is only the minimum deposit required. You can always invest more at a later stage or when you make your first profit. The deposit also acts as your first investment. This means that BitQH will place your first trades with your initial deposit.

Step 3: Demo Trading

BitQH offers all users a demo-trading account. This demo-trading account is used as your practice ground. It is basically a replica of the live account and trades are placed on there using historical data. Although demo trading is optional we would encourage all users to make use of it.

Step 4: Live-trading

Live trading can start after your deposit. More experienced users may opt to skip the demo-trading account process and go straight to the live account. The live account works just like the demo-trading account. All you need to do is make sure you have configured your settings. Your account manager will be able to assist with this.

More Significant Features of BitQH

BitQH is a fully automated live trading system that has been around for quite some time. The system uses the top security software available. There are also some other great features that set it apart from its competitors.

  1. It supports trading in three different languages: English, German and Dutch. This means no matter what your home language is, there is a good chance you can use BitQH to trade successfully.
  2. It can trade many different crypto pairs. Diversifying is very important when it comes to investing. Even the likes of Warren Buffet have said not to have all your eggs in one basket. BitQH offers trading on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin to help you diversify.
  3. Latest Technology. Because our system is newer than a lot of our competitors, it has the benefit of being built on newer technology. This means faster response times and newer technology.
  4. State of the Art Reporting – the BitQH system offers state of the art reporting. This allows traders to receive the latest updates on their profits via email or even SMS. Even when the automated trader is trading, you are still kept in the loop.

Benefits of Using BitQH

  • Payouts

Users will be pleased to know that BitQH has a very effective payout system. Once your trade is placed and a profit is made, you will be able to see your funds reflecting on your BitQH account. Profits will vary depending on what your trading parameters are and how much you have deposited into your account.

  • Verification process

BitQH has a verification process that needs to be completed before you start trading. This is for your safety, in fact, you should be worried when using a trading system that has no verification process. To ensure that verification goes smoothly, make sure you enter your details correctly.

  • Withdrawal process

The withdrawal process is just as easy as the payout process. BitQH requires that you link your bank account to your profile so that funds can be transferred easily. Funds can be transferred between your account and BitQH daily. In our experience, withdrawals were facilitated within 24 hours.

  • Cost and Fees

BitQH only requires a minimum deposit fee. There are no hidden fees or commissions connected to it. This means you will receive 100% of the profits you make. If you are interested in trading with leverage, it is important to check the terms and conditions to fully understand what risks you are exposed to.

  • Customer service

The customer service department is available 24 hours a day and is very responsive. In case you get stuck you can reach the customer service department via email, live chat or telephonically. We recommend that users try the live chat feature, it  more responsive.

  • Brokers

BitQH makes use of regulated and licensed brokers to help manage your account and transactions. These brokers are readily available to assist and you automatically gain access to one when you register your account.

How Does BitQH Work?

BitQH works using a superior algorithm in conjunction with artificial intelligence. The trading system is fully automated and is completely independent. Needing little to no human interference.

Automated trading is the in thing right now, but what is it? Why should you try it?

Well as we all know trading can be hard, especially when you’re new to trading on the cryptocurrency market. It can also seem that without being an expert, you cannot trade. This is untrue! While you are able to learn and become an expert, it does take some time and practice. So what are your options then if you want to trade now?

The BitQH automated trading system is a great option for new and experienced traders wanting to get into the crypto markets immediately. The system automatically makes trades within the sessions and markets you define. It also operates within the trading limit that you set. This allows you to carry on with your life, checking in for 20 to 30 minutes per day to see your profits and results. Automated systems are more profitable than manual systems.

Benefits of trading with an Automated Trading System like BitQH:

  • Trading is free of human error.
  • The system can be tested on historical data.
  • The system is very disciplined and not swayed.
  • It allows a user to have multiple accounts.

Disadvantages of trading with an Automated Trading System:

  • Does require some monitoring, but only 20-30mins per day.


Is BitQH Free?

While BitQH does not have any hidden costs, new users must make a minimum deposit of €250. This deposit acts as your first capital investment and will be used to perform your first trade. You can refund this anytime.

What Fees Can I Expect Using BitQH?

BitQH does not charge any trading or commision-based fees. Any currency conversions will carry standard market exchange rates.

Is BitQH a Scam?

No. BitQH is completely safe and very transparent. Our user reviews and testimonials above attest to this. If required, BitQH uses regulated brokers to help optimise your portfolio.

How Do I Get The Most From BitQH?

While BitQH software is automated, we do recommend sparing at least 20 minutes a day on your account. This way, you will stay up-to-date with strategies and/or approvals required on your part.